Why Press Releases Fail to Deliver-5 Reasons

  1. Your press release gets sent to low traffic news sites (black holes) to compete with thousands of other press releases weekly.
  2. Google has recently blacklisted many press release news sites from Google searches and labeled them as SPAM.
  3. Facebook has overtaken Google on all news searches and is now considered The Internet.
  4. Direct journalist contact lists with major newswires have been plundered to ineffectiveness.
  5. Major newswires do not audit your press release content for the latest Google requirement, which is natural conversation. This Google requirement also consists of Gender Neutral orientation which our AI analyses and makes recommendations for Google compliance.

5 Reasons Why PANORAMIC Will Make Your Business Story Work For You

  1. Patent Pending Human Emotion Intelligence…Analyses and recommends improvements to enhance search engine positioning.
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  3. Real-Time Performance Insights That Cannot Lie…Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and More.
  4. Custom Journalist Contact Lists …with Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television and Twitter.
  5. PRads …Your business story placed directly in front of your target audience of thousands via Facebook and Instagram.